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Our unique approach to a traditional idea!

“Out of the Box” is both figurative and literal in nature. 

It's our unique approach to "thinking outside of the box", by taking that traditional cake and pairing it  in unique ways.

Our boxes are PERFECT for small gatherings, birthday parties, work treats, or simply as a treat for yourself! 

No plates, no forks, just take it “out of the box” and enjoy.  


We do it for our family and friends.

Momma Meyer really is a symbolic idea.

An idea that stemmed from my mother where cooking and baking is something that you "just do" for your friends and family..  It is ingrained in my home and influenced by love and compassion.  This was developed early on, during my childhood.  I can remember spending all day together with my family, "theme" cooking and baking.  This eventually led to experimenting with friends and trying new recipes in our cabin up north.  The tradition continued with my own children and their friends.  We were always baking and cooking...sleepovers, birthday parties, sporting name it, we probably made food for it! 

I also carried this tradition into the classroom with me.  Teaching students how to bake and follow recipes is part of my curriculum and I continue to share my baked goods in many other areas of my life: school, family, friends, gym friends and others.

All these moments have impacted me to continue to "do this for my family and friends" so I continue to pursue this labor of love and please others.

I simply want to share that with YOU and YOUR family.



We do it for our family and friends.

I am a home baker. 

Baking is fun and rewarding to me because I love making people happy.

This all began when I wanted to replicate our wedding cake. 

I visited a friend who had recipes for me to follow for a gathering she was having. 

That is when I realized I could make the ideal cake.  Honestly, it was not “pretty” but it tasted amazing.  Over the years and many trial and errors, we were able to host my daughter’s wedding and fell in love with “baking”.  I always said I was a “cook” not a “baker”, but over time, I developed a passion for it.

Sourdough was another venture.  To learn about the process and chemistry of this was amazing.  Again, over the years and many hours experimenting, I have found many fun foods.

Based on these evolving ideas and comments along the way…“Out of the Box” developed.

Pops, Scones and Buns are not “cookie cutter” and shapes and sprinkle colors and decoration may vary slightly.   

Each item has their own style. 

They are unique in their own way just like we are.

My true passion is making others happy.

My mission with Out of the Box is to make YOU and YOUR family and friends happy.

I hope this satisfies.

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